Saturday, July 16, 2005

home again home again

Snapshots from our trip to West Virginia

Racing off the highway to stop for a restroom, we have a near miss of a chicken in the street in Shippensburg PA.

Thank G-d for 24-hour McDonalds, glad I decided not to investigate McDonalds french fries until after this trip.

Sign out front of an elementary school in WVA, the state, I believe, that has the most per capita soldiers serving in Iraq:


8 people around the table at the Bed and Breakfast at an oddly gentrifying area of rural West Virginia:

"Are you getting married in a civil or religious ceremony?"
"Well, (we begin to explain for the third time that day) gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts..."
"I know that, I cover the courts in DC for god's sake."
yea, thanks, nice talking to you too

"...and she was wearing some gawdawful sweater she got at Tar-zhay"

"The people who live here are nice. They're really happy that we're moving in and building the place up. And they'll work for almost nothing."

And just in case it wasn't clear that we were out of our class at this place,
"You two should look into buying here. Prices here in the mountains are great. You can get a weekend home for $280,000. It's a great price for a two bedrm 2 1/2 bath home."
Weekend home? You've got to be kidding me. How can my Tar-zhay shorts, and beat up sneakers not indicate to you that I'm not even in the market for my first home.