Friday, May 26, 2006

Amy Goodman made me color my hair

Democracy Now!s Amy has fine hair for radio, not so much for TV... even public access. I've eschewed coloring my own for a few years, although my partner kept after me.

"No," I said, "I like the salt and pepper."

Turns out Salt and Pepper is a different color from grey and slate and brown. And it took Amy Goodman (and this very disquieting imaginary PeaceBANG voice in my head) to make me see that natural isn't always a good idea.

So thanks Amy, and PeaceBANG, for ruining my ability to have cheap haircuts every 10 weeks.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Sister Womyn Sister" & "You Look Veryveryprettytoday"

Recognize these lines? THE KATHY AND MO SHOW: Parallel Lives is being run on HBO in Demand until June 18th. Whether you lived through the 80's as an adult, or have always wondered what your elders like PeaceBANG are making fun of, this show is the most brilliant piece of off-off theatre comedy that existed that decade.

(PB: sorry I called you an elder; really, we're middlers, but that didn't flow right in the sentence)

Although this show was filmed by HBO in '91, I first saw it in a gay bar in Philadelphia in '85 or '86, which began my own personal Rocky Horror-esque stalking of the show wherever and whenever they took it. I still have my Giant Kathy and Mo button.

Some of my favorite bits didn't make it from the full length stage to the one hour tv format (most of the material about religion and sex and abortion and the deletion of these bits made me cranky.) That whined, everyone should run out and pay for HBO for a month just so that you can watch this incredible piece of cultural commentary. It won an OBIE and 2 Cable Ace awards, and I can nearly guarantee that if you lived through the 80's you'll wet yourself laughing. If you're younger and don't remember the womyn's or LG culture from the time it'll be an interesting experiment in cultural observation. You can let me know if it's funny to you.

Also, Harold and the Purple Crayon is playing if that tips you over the top.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

HappyCindy needs a PDA

CrankyCindy has sniffed at PDA's and silently scoffed at those who use them, clinging desperately to the struggle to structure a life as she always did, out of her head and a paper calendar when it wasn't lost. Unfortunately, CrankyCindy isn't all that well organized, and HappyCindy has to clean up after her all too often. I had to add an online calendar, and now I've got to start writing to-do lists.

Like other things I've scoffed at over the years (chemical/perfume sensitivity, coloring my hair) I've had to humble myself and acknowledge that I was wrong.

My memory no longer carries everything around in it like it used to, and I need a PDA.

Any recommendations from those of you who use one (and who just found out that crankycindy scoffed at you for knowing better than I what the future would hold and how to manage it?)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Joke of the Day - On Fire!

From beliefnet, slightly tweaked.

During a recent ecumenical gathering, the church administrator rushed in shouting, "The building is on fire!"

The Methodists gathered in the corner and prayed.

The Baptists cried, "Where is the water?"

The Quakers quietly praised God for the blessings that fire brings.

The Lutherans posted a notice on the door declaring the fire was evil.

The Roman Catholics passed the plate to cover the damage.

The Jews posted symbols on the door hoping the fire would pass.

The Congregationalists shouted, "Every man for himself!"

The Fundamentalists proclaimed, "It's the vengeance of God!"

The Episcopalians formed an orderly procession and marched out.

The Christian Scientists concluded that there was no fire.

The Pagans danced in honor of the spontaneous appearance of one of the four elements.

The Unitarians held a discussion of the usefulness of fire as a symbol of cleansing and whether or not one needed to believe in fire in order to respect it.

The Presbyterians appointed a chairperson who was to appoint a committee to look into the matter and submit a written report.

The church administrator grabbed the fire extinguisher and put the fire out.