Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bishop Gene Robinson goes into treatment

for alcoholism. I'm glad for him and his family that he's been willing to take this step toward health.
Crankycindy is really cranky about the media coverage though.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Color Scheme change. No longer am I ruled by Blogger and Firefox orange and blue,

The orange moments are now more random rather than being central to the design. I'm going with caribbean floating as a general feel. At some point I'll figure out how to add a pic to the header, but for now, I'm just coloring myself Barbara, I mean blue.
Thanks to the great website house of, I was able to tweak the hexidecimal colors to my hearts content.

There are a couple of random glitches in color application I can't track down, but I figure they'll eventually roll down to my archives and live blindly in the dark for years.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Which got more hits?

UU web awards -- The definitive bound anthology or Tom Cruise, Fred Phelps and Me? Betting is closed.

My post suggesting that there was a bound anthology of all nominees received 65% more hits during the voting period than the post which was nominated, and about 20% more hits than TC,FP and Me received the whole time it was posted.

So here I am on my first day off in 2 weeks. Trying to catch up. This is a deep ponder for me. Is it all about the titles/headlines?

I'm pleased with the posts/blogs which won the blog awards, and I love the fact that there were close races for the top two or three in each category, it speaks to our diversity and quality in the same moment.

As to my sermon which was nominated, it was too long for a good blog post, and my speaking voice isn't the greatest writing voice, and it wasn't right for the blog awards. W
hy didn't it get many votes (thanks to you five), is not my question.

My question is 'why didn't it get read?'
I'm really pondering 'What gets people to click through to a post?'

Is it all about the title? Is it all about the "Hey I want that but I don't want that"?

That is was too long for a strong blog entry shouldn't have prevented people from clicking through to it, they wouldn't know, would they? That it was written in my speaking voice also would not have been known without clicking through (except, like this post, everything is written in my speaking voice, so that maybe could have been known.)

OR Do I just suck?

OR Am I completely wrong, and somehow some of your fancy computers fool my stat counter into not seeing you?

I'd love some real feedback on this one.

But mom, maybe not from you. I already know I'm the green apple of your glass eye. :-)

Friday, February 03, 2006

UU web awards -- The definitive bound anthology

I'm printing out what could be the First Annual Best of the UU Blogs Anthology. I'm making myself a binder for weekend reading because there are too many individual posts up against one another to sit through at my desk.

The UU Blog Awards are here,
and thanks to the three people who voted for my Fred Phelps, Tom Cruise and Me sermon.

Mom, dad? Was that you?

How much longer do I have to get through these and vote?