Sunday, May 29, 2005

24 Hours for Gwen Schedule

At the Unitarian Society

From 9:15 am Saturday June 11 until 9:15 am Sunday June 12
The Great Hall will be open for prayer and meditation, please enter the front Great Hall doors.

The Parlor will be open for quiet conversation, coffee, tea and snacks, printed information about Mitochondrial Disease, and an opportunity to support research efforts.

Saturday June 11, from 9 am - 2 pm
Child Care
will be available in the social room and pre-school classrooms. Please enter by the Side Entrance or Great Hall Front door entrance and take your children directly down unless they are joining you in the Great Hall. Please don't use the Great Hall as a passageway.

Saturday, June 11, 1 pm
Open House with Kim.
Gwen's life, the joys and challenges of their family, and information about Mitochondrial Disease in general and the form of it that Gwen has. Please use the Side Door entrance opposite Memorial Hall.

Saturday, June 11 1:30 pm -- Surprise (don't blow it) birthday cake for Abby in the Social Room.

People have offered to bring cookies etc, for the Parlor, which would be welcome.

Others have offered to contribute financially. If this is a way you would like to help, please contribute at the event, or directly to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

We are still signing up UU members to host for an hour or two at this event, especially during the overnight hours. Call me to volunteer at 413. five84.1390 ext. 203

We are still signing all members of our larger community to up to keep the flow in the Great Hall. Call or email me to volunteer.

For those of you who haven't heard, the timetable for Gwen's surgery has moved up a little. This week
she will be getting her new temporary tube (called a G-J tube) rather than next month. If this is successful, the more major surgery to put in her permanent J-tube will be in the summer.

Watch here for any updates.

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