Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm getting married in 4 days

One of the two readers of this blog asked where I've been all summer and not posting... I've been visiting my new niece, preaching at the Plattsburgh NY UU and visiting my parents, and planning our wedding. Four days left.

I'll post some out of order material, bad blogger, bad blogger, when I get a chance.

For now let me use this opportunity to write out today's To-Do list:
  • buy more helium
  • get the kid across the street to come mow our lawn
  • clean the pool (we got a pop up pool, the kind it says put it on level ground so it doesn't collapse, so we found a pretty level area, but then it collapsed in on the Mole family. oops.)
  • clean bedroom
  • pack overnight bag
  • clean upstairs bathroom
  • bundle up the linens for overnight guests for single/double and couch
  • make sure the matches are out by the fire pit
  • pack board games
  • buy the hamburger
  • iron muslin tablecloths
  • watch the weather channel compulsively.

1 comment:

Michelle Murrain said...

Lots and lots to do! I am so sorry I'll be on the other coast while this is happening, but you two will be in my thoughts and heart. Have a great time!!!!