Thursday, October 13, 2005

Drive by smiling

I drive to work every weekday morning past UUs who are standing with their kids on the street waiting for the school bus. There's about 4 families in all, depending on exactly what time I cruise by. It's become a regular smile and wave for me, and a really cool way to start the day. That recriprocal smile and wave with people I serve, by people I respect and care for, that's really cool.

I thought I'd mention this given the crankiness of yesterdays' happy post.

What makes these four families different than those alluded to yesterday?

These too are people who have big opinions about their child's religious education program. The difference for us religious professionals is that these happen to be people who participate fully in making the program work, so their concerns and upsets come from a place of participatory responsibility, not a place of expecting to utilize a service provided by someone else.

I think that 90% of my RE families now are in this incredible category. Involved, interested, participatory, sharing of responsibility and care.

What did Kissinger say about politics? 90% of the politicians ruin it for the other 10%.

For me, the opposite is true. 90% make it possible for me to work lovingly and patiently with the other 10%.

I love it that I can drive by my congregants and smile and wave. Other jobs I have had in my life have not had this type of percentage.

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