Saturday, October 07, 2006

What I'm doing on my day off

First day off in 14. Last night in the middle of the night Beloved came upstairs and told me that Eric (her grown son) came home and is ensconced in the living room. Thus far today I have already shopped, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, taken out the recycling, made kickass fried potatoes, and blogged. Next, I'm doing laundry, cleaning the porch and reading three, count them, three (3) newspapers.

Then, how great is this, Beloved's daughter is coming and we'll take them out for her Birthday Chinese dinner, and then, she's leaving our grandchildren here with us! Then I'm playing "Yes honey," and "Tell me about that picture" and "Really? You can do that? Show me" for several hours, along with copious amounts of street bowling, badminton, and puppet theatre.

I'm confident that if I'm not completely rested up when I go back to work tomorrow, I will certainly be happy. :-D

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