Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Laugh like a pig Auntie Cindy

When Naomi was much smaller, she loved my laugh, which, when there is enough humor in the ether, does have an occasional snorting quality to it. My brother Dave and sister-in-law Mari used this as a way to help her differentiate between Auntie Beloved and Auntie Cindy.

Before, it went like this:

Age 18 months - 2 years--
"How does Auntie Cindy laugh?"
[Naomi would scrunch up her face and pull air in and out of her 18 month old nose, like 18 month old smelling the flowers on speed]

Age 2--
She'd be on the phone and say,
"Laugh Auntie Cindy."

Age 2.5--
on the webcam, she'd scrunch up her face and say,
"Laugh Auntie Cindy."

Age 2.75--visiting in person
This time, after spending 8 days with her, we were riding in the car when out of the blue she suddenly made the connection.

"Laugh like a pig Auntie Cindy."

Everyone swears they never taught her what a pig sounds like.

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