Wednesday, June 08, 2005

24 hours for Gwen - childcare and cake update

Everyone of every age, every religious or spiritual path, and of any age is welcome to meditate/pray in the Great Hall. We are providing child care as a convenience. Children are especially welcome to send healing and loving energy to Gwen and her family.
Please make sure that you and your children sign the Guest Book, which will be in the Great Hall before you leave.

We have hired 3 high school/college students to provide us with child care from 9 am - 2 pm. You are welcome to leave your children with the child care providers while you meditate/pray or speak with Kim and Sue. You are also welcome to have your children join you in the Great Hall for lighting of candles etc. This is intended to be a completely intergenerational event.

If you want to leave your children with the child care providers while you are here (they can be identified by their rainbow nametags,) please personally escort your children down into the Social Room. Please remind them that we share, we keep our hands on our own bodies, and our feet on the floor. There will be art activities available, and a movie/cartoon playing in one side room.

Please assess the number of children and activity level and use your best judgment about integrating them into an activity, and check on them often.
Please make sure that everyone has a name tag on them with their name in block letters.

I will be gathering all children together at about 1:30 to have a couple of words about how incredible Gwen is, and how much we love her and Abby, and how communities come together at different times and pay attention to different people. This will be our day to pay close attention to how much we love and support Gwen and Abby and their moms. Then we'll have cake in a picnic on the floor. If you have a child that is particularly exhuberant, please accompany them to the party.

We will not have the staffing attention to deal with cake/soda/sugar/allergy issues, so please monitor your child.

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