Thursday, January 26, 2006

Flipping The Script: White Privilege and Community Building

Some of us were born on third base and thought we'd hit a triple. How do we help those less privileged without replicating the structures that created the inequity inthe first place?

Flipping the Script, (pdf) is a book designed for people who work in communities to identify and address issues of white privilege, oppression, racism and power as they play out in their work. It is for community builders, grant makers, technical assistance providers and others who are trying to develop more equitable and thoughtful partnerships with community residents and organizations.

Flipping the Script is written by Maggie Potapchuk of MP Associates, Sally Leiderman of the Center for Assessment and Policy Development, together with Donna Bivens of Women's Theological Center and Barbara Major of St. Thomas Health Clinic. (from the Women's Theological Center press release)

I haven't read it yet, so feel free to comment/discuss here to get me off my butt.

Thanks to Karen J. for letting me know about this.

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