Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rachel Maddow is now on Air America Radio and KARMA

Monday - Friday from 7-9 am. Listen as she pokes a sharp stick at the right wing scheme machine. You can go to Rachel's show's website here.

She picks up news "they" don't want us to hear -- she finds when the government takes out the trash and release inconvenient news to be hidden by bigger or more dramatic stories.

You can listen online anytime you want if you have dsl or cable modem!!! Go the website to Stream Today's Show . The shows go online a few hours after broadcast.

Sadly, Monday, her first day on the air in this new, extended drive time slot, she bragged about her vacation trip to Mexico, where she ate and drank whatever she wanted and didn't get sick. Lettuce, water, everything.

So yesterday's show was hosted by Mark Riley who stayed on for her two hour time slot while she and the porcelain goddess bonded.

I mention this now because since she's better, it really is kind of funny.

I myself invited karma like that many years ago when I made fun of women who had chemical sensitivities to perfume. At the time I was a smoker, (and I was a polite smoker, always went outdoors, blew my exhaust away from people and everything) but I couldn't conceptualize how anyone could be allergic to perfume and I must admit I was, behind their backs, vicious in that 80's kind of catty gay bar way.

Of course, later in life, having a crappy immune system due to undiagnosed celiac disease and 10 years of smoking, I too became "allergic" to perfume and other chemically laden, petroleum-based products. I've become one of those chemically sensitive people, holding my breath when I pass certain elderly ladies in church, never going into restaurants that have smoking, having two reasons for not shopping at Walmart (1 economic and 1 the plastic smell makes me stoned and stupid) and, alas, eating organic food.

So it was funny when she bragged about not getting sick and then got sick. I was about her age when I bragged like that.

Am I a bad person for thinking it's funny?

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