Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Must See for all Religous Professionals

A wonderful, and amusing, teaching tool for flu safety. I'm thinking of showing it to the Board of Trustees. Perhaps we could add this to the Safe Congregations Materials! (that was only sort-of a joke)

Cough Safe Video : Why Don't We Just Do It Into Our Sleeves.
Quicktime version direct link.


Polyhymnia said...

I'm visting this blog for the first time. And, I'm having a hard time figuring out the difference between Cranky Cindy and Happy Cindy. Am I wrong,or does Happy Cindy have a bit of an edge?
Keep the faith and the humor.

Happy Cindy said...


Yes, unfortunately, both Happy and Cranky are sometimes on the sharp and pointy side. My intention is to create a general balance so that those who wish to avoid my most pointy bits can do so by limiting their reading to happycindy, and those who don't care about religous education or actually prefer it when I skewer something, can focus on crankycindy.

It's a theory, and like all theories, more challenging in reality than in concept.

Thanks for visiting!