Friday, November 10, 2006

What Television do UU bloggers watch?

Inquiring Minds want to know.
The answer to these questions is potentially more telling about our Selves than our apparent politics or relative crankyness/openness/snarkiness/warm and fuzziness on our blogs.

Do you have cable?
Do you have a television in more than one room?
Do you watch television on your computer?
What are your favorite shows?
What old[er] shows do you love to watch in re-run?
What are favorite shows you hate to admit to?

These are questions I wonder about.

My own answers, (put out here rather than on Crankycindy in an effort to avoid ridicule:)

Cable plus premium channels in the winter. In the summer, only basic cable.
Four tvs. My office, two bedrooms, and the living room.
YouTube, but not tv.

The Closer
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert

Diagnosis Murder
West Wing

Favorites I hate to admit to:
Trading Spouses
Biggest Loser


Anonymous said...

I have two televisions, but no cable. I live in an area with several over the air broadcast stations.

I am addicted to day time talk shows, and night time reality tv.

Regis and Kelly
Days of our Lives
General Hospital
Oprah Winfrey
Judge Judy
Dr. Phil
Ellen DeGeneres
Nanny 911 (my kids love it)
The Biggest Loser (did you now that Matt and Suzy are expecting now?)
The Amazing Race (I keep telling my husband we should go on it. I would be very good television.)

Mary Tyler Moore

What would I hate to admit:
I'm sure you'll understand if I don't admit to my real name. HappyCindy, you have no reason to fear ridicule. I, on the other hand, do not publically admit to the television I watch while feeding and washing my children and house all day. Ever.

Is this what Coming Out feels like?

Philocrites said...

One TV in the living room, no cable.

Mrs Philocrites and I watch "The Simpsons" on reruns one or two nights a week, but usually miss the new episodes on Sundays. (We almost never watch TV by ourselves.) She loves "Antiques Roadshow," but I haven't developed much interest in it. We both loved the first season of "Joan of Arcadia," and really loved "The West Wing," "The X Files," and "Northern Exposure" back in the day.

We haven't got hooked on a new show in a long time. Come to think of it, there's probably not a single TV show that we watch on a weekly or regular basis any more.

Guilty pleasure? We enjoyed two seasons of "American Idol." I even voted for a few contestants. Extra guilty pleasure from the way-back machine: When I was a kid and "Battlestar Galactica" was on TV, I saved my allowance to buy my very own Galactica jacket. Wore it, too.

Happy Cindy said...

Now see, Philocrites, I'm sure you're healthier than I.
I forgot all about Joan of Arcadia. I loved that show! And the X-files until the last two seasons.
If you still have the Galactica jacket I bet it'd still look cool on you.

Anonymous, um, how old are your kids while you watch these shows? (cranky wants to know)

Jess said...

One tv, DirecTV with Tivo. I never want to own more than one if I can possibly avoid it.

Must watch:

Battlestar Galactica
Dr. Who
How I Met Your Mother
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Jon Stewart
American Idol
Project Runway


CSI Miami
Stephen Colbert
Keith Olbermann's Countdown
Top Chef


Dark Angel
West Wing

Escapism, much? :)

Happy Cindy said...

Sigh. Firefly, Dark Angel and Buffy. And, given the reminder, I'd have to add Xena. sigh. The days of old, well, days of medium.
They're never in re-run at a time I can watch though.

Jess, you don't need more than one TV! You've got Tivo!

I want Tivo.

Someone send me Tivo.

Or one of those fancy computers that let you record educational programs from Discovery and National Geographic to use for your RE program while simultaneously watching the escapist tv.

UU Soul said...

We have cable, two TVs and two TiVo's (bedroom & livingroom). I don't watch TV on my computer and not often in our bedroom. My desk & computer are in the livingroom so I can multi-task.

Favorite shows: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Now, Religion & Ethics, Numb3rs, Bones, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Stargate Alantis, Gilmore Girls, Medium, Mystery (PBS)

Reruns: Star Trek Next Generation, Murder She Wrote

Hate to admit: Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, CSI Miami

CK said...

Do you have cable? No
Do you have a television in more than one room? Yes - living room, bedroom
Do you watch television on your computer? YouTube occasionally
What are your favorite shows? Law & Order, The Office, Heroes (Lost on DVD), Simpsons
What old[er] shows do you love to watch in re-run? Simpsons
What are favorite shows you hate to admit to? Can't think of any.

(I don't watch TV that much)

SC Universalist said...

Do you have cable? no
Do you have a television in more than one room? no
Do you watch television on your computer? no

While I own a tv, we only put the rabbit ears up when a hurricane or storm is predicted. I stay with a friend once a year, and I watch MTV with him - when i stay in a motel, I do check out TCM to see what movies are on.
And no, I dont think there is anything wrong with tv viewing, we just dont do it here....