Monday, November 21, 2005

Kids get to do the coolest stuff in Seminary "Nowadays"

Michelle Murrain's video project for an art/spirituality class, Who Do We Love? is online. You'll need a fast connection and Quicktime. It features Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham and Eric Rudolph.

I aspire to the kind of techno coolness Michelle has pulled off with this project. Me, the best I could do in Seminary was a video of a civil disobedience against the first gulf war, using two vcr's back to back and videotaping a videotape of the indigo girls off a tv for the music.

I also aspire to the kind of wit, wisdom, talent and technogeekiness that lies beneath it.


Clyde Grubbs said...

Software....let me suggest iMovie and iPhoto with Garageband free with a Macintosh.

Shawn Anthony said...

What a moving little video. Congrats to a job well done Michelle ... and thank you Cindy for making it available too. Kudos ladies!

Michelle Murrain said...

Thanks for the kudos! And "kid"?? I'm older than you!

In terms of software, Clyde hit the nail right on the head, that's what I did. Garageband for the music, iMovie (I cheated, I do have Final Cut, but this is just a class project, after all). A little bit of Photoshop, and an audio editor (which I later learned I didn't really need - I could have used iMovie for that).

Cindy, you could have done this. I'm just going to have to sit you down in front of a Macintosh, and do some video stuff so you get hooked. :-)