Thursday, November 17, 2005

South Park does Scientology

Amazing And Accurate, this South Park episode is incredible. Taking on Scientology, free speech (satire and truth both), it's funny. (Tom Cruise goes in the Closet, and R. Kelly tries to sing him out).

I accidentally clicked over to it last night, and then stayed up till 12:30 to tape it. It will be interesting to see if it get's shown ever again.

Interestingly, except for one hell and a couple of Jesus 's there isn't any cursing. Making it appropriate for younger people, in the right educational context.

I will be using this in the totalistic and fundamentalist religions section of my Neighboring Faiths/World Religions class, with only a couple of deletions. (a reference to saving money/cheap = jew, which would distract from the point, and I'll probably cut a little R.Kelly closet stuff, it goes on long).

Scientology doesn't have a belief in the "second coming" so that is a literary device to tell the story, but the description of Scientologist beliefs is accurate.

Isaac Hayes, a Scientologist, had nothing to do with it.

My favorite part, at the end, the Scientologists threaten to sue, and Stan says, Go ahead, sue me. The credits roll --

Jane Smith
John Smith
John Smith
Jane Smith

Good article on Fresh Intelligence.

Video teaser here

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Obijuan said...

Funniest damn thing I ever saw, especially the "this is what scientologists actually believe" disclaimer during the Xenu story. *snort*