Monday, November 14, 2005

touchstone for class?

A while back, Will Shetterly posted a great touchstone for class – how many teeth do you have? In your life, do you get $1500 root canals, or $100 extractions?

I just found another one, maybe. Give me some feedback, y'all.

If your TV screen goes to blue, and the cable goes off, does it occur to you to look outside and see if it’s just because a repair guy is fixing the next door neighbor’s cable, or do you keep sitting there, maybe pick up a magazine, figuring it’s shut-off time again?

What'd'ya think? Class, or something else?


Michelle Murrain said...

It's a good one, but it depends on where you live. Once, I cancelled my cable, and it didn't shut off for more than 6 months. :-)

The blackout one might be better? If your lights go off, do you go outside and look and see if everyone else's lights are off, or figure it's shut-off time again?

Happy Cindy said...

/you're right, I think Michelle, I read my post to Beck, and she said,

"You should have said the lights instead of cable.
Every time the lights go out I say, 'Shit, I thought I sent it in on time.'"

Mainline Protestant said...

It depends. When I lived in a rural area with notoriously unreliable cable, I always assumed it was a problem with the company. And you can bet we called and told them we weren't paying for the time it was down. They hated hearing from us but every month they'd whittle a little out of the bill to make up for the downtime.

I always scan the neighborhood when the power goes out to check to see if the problem is localized or wider.

Back in my younger, more financially wreckless days, I always assumed things were cut off because of non-payment. I pretty much knew when I hadn't paid the bill.