Saturday, March 04, 2006

I so rarely preach, I'd love feedback

This is tomorrow's sermon. Feel free to comment today and help me tweak it. I appreciate the insights of UU bloggers (and others of my friends). You all are smart people whose opinions I respect. Also, how on earth do some of you blog and write sermons in the same week!?!

REMOVED the draft. Posted the final version above. Thanks for feedback, posted here as a comment, as well as private notes.


Jess said...

This is fabulous.

The only tweak I would offer is to not refer to it as a "talk" in the very beginning - this is prophetic message, and you shouldn't feel squeamish about offering your voice.

When you have your final draft, I'd love to post this on Best of UU.

I found this very, very, inspiring, and spot on when it comes to the 1st principle - how often do we hear people whine when they've been corrected that their inherent worth and dignity has been trampled?! I always want to spit back, "if we didn't care about your worth and dignity, we'd continue to let you be an ass!!" but I try to be nicer than that. :)

Happy Cindy said...

Thanks Jess. Go for it. I've never been a "best of" anything!! whoo hoo! Hey mom, lookit!

I thought about using your quote about continuing to be an ass in it, but it was reminiscient, um, of many of the other bits I'd already taken out! (crankycindy kept trying to write bits of the sermon, but i yanked her back.)