Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Post on Happy or Cranky? New Year's Eve with Kathy Griffin

... on tv. I could never meet her quote to hang out with her in person...

I spent time with my beautiful godson and his family, then came home to discover a Kathy Griffin stand-up marathon on Bravo. If you're not familiar, she's the most incredible self-referential actor-mocking comic in America today. Tho' I think she's the only self-referential actor-mocking comic... Stayed up without napping till after midnight for the first New Year's eve in a decade.

I must admit that Kathy Griffin's CrankySnarkyness makes me Happy Cindy. So on which blog should I post about it? In a brief moment of cross-self-referentiality in honor of the Great Ms. Griffin, I'll post here a funny snarky clip of one of my favorite bits.

To set the context, she's referring to her ever so brief gig working for E! television interviewing stars on the red carpet outside the Golden Globe Awards in 2005. She decided that others were more suited to comment of gowns and such, so she's spend her time asking ridiculous questions and mocking the celebrities she interviews. Just for the record, she got fired for the story you'll hear if you watch the clip below

and because my mom reads this blog, I searched until I found a clip with the *%#!@s beeped out.

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Steve Caldwell said...


I found a UU connection of sorts for Kathy Griffin -- here's the quote from Wikipedia:

"Griffin describes herself as a 'militant atheist.' While in high school, she fell away from the Roman Catholic Church and wanted to become a Unitarian. Said Griffin: 'I'm not really sure what that is, but it sounds better.'"