Monday, September 12, 2005


I'm having a day off! The last three weeks have been about getting ready for this past weekend. Don't be fooled by the seemingly logical, a DRE's touchdown goal isn't the Sunday that RE Opens, it's the week before that!

Saturday was teacher orientation, and an awesome 40-50 people attended, and 4 2-hour sessions later and somehow aimed my car home and tipped over into bed. Then yesterday was Opening Sunday/Homecoming Sunday, a social action project for Katrina, late registrations "But I'm sure I sent it in last spring" "Yes, and that's why we sent you another form last month, 'cause we were sure it was an oversight" and shiny excited new families, and people who wondered why there was no RE 'cause they forgot we start the eyar with an intergenerational service, and answering all the questions. I blogged at 5 am yesterday because that was when I could think the clearest.

So far today on my DAY OFF I have

started a loaf of bread,
called in to work to ask them to turn off the waterfall on my altar and to send the old financial computer to the computer guys so they could wipe it and re-load it for the Youth Director.
I had a good, really good, cup of coffee.
I've read a short story in an old Darkover anthology.
I drafted the outline for the first day of our newly invented 7th grade, 17 kids neighboring faiths/world religions class, which, I'm not sure how I ended up in the classroom on opening day of Religious Education.
I've chased the cat out of two, count them, two, baskets of clean laundry.

I'm slowly catching up on blog reading. Except for recent specific issues, I'm way out of touch, and even with the recent specific issues, bloggers are all over the place thinking and talking. It's great, but I'm, way way out of touch.

And my back yard is calling me.


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