Tuesday, September 20, 2005

no silly, that isn't a duck, it's a platypus.

They're trying to feed Gwen.

I know what you're thinking, isn't food like poison to her?... Yes. But her liver is so sick they're trying to get her off the central line to give her liver a break, and see if a new combo of formula and medicine can help her liver.

Unfortunately, so far it isn't. She's failing all 5 standards by which it is determined if feeding is working. Blood pressure is way high, temp is way high, diareah and vomiting, and distended belly with pain.

They're trying a 3 hour on and 3 hour off right now.

She's in her 6th week in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. It's hard to be happycindy when she's so sick, and her parents are so exhausted, and I'm so powerless. Those of you who know me know I'm not very good at powerless over X thing.

I saw her yesterday and we watched a cartoon. She explained to me that the Koala Brothers weren't mice, they were Koalas, and no silly, that isn't a duck, it's a platypus. We talked about the cartoon and how the guy couldn't drive the airplane. We watched it again, and yelled, Look out, there's a mailbox behind you! But he drove the airplane into the mailbox again!

She was in a lot of pain, but her heart shone through. As do the hearts of her parents, Kim's parents, and the community that is gathering around them. She's a bright light of hope and joy and living in the moment.

People in this situation are wondering where is god? Today, I think God is Gwen.


iBeth said...

Cindy, thank you for telling us how Gwen is doing. We're all pulling for her.

michelle Murrain said...

Gwen has been on my mind for a while now - I'll keep her, her moms, and you in my thoughts and prayers. She's a brave kid. And thanks for allowing us to hear what's happening.