Monday, September 05, 2005

Mom Groupies for Relative Strangers

Our friend Merle invited us to come and see her son Jake's new band play.
With a good bit of trepidation, we agreed.

Jake is a drummer and his mom says he's good.
Right. Mom says. Been there, done that... he's a great guitar player... she's a very good basketball player ... he's so talented at this type of abstract sculpture...he's an excellent actor, you won't even notice the nudity.

Merle says, they've been practising at my house for days, and they're good.
Sure, ok, well we love you, and Jakes' a great guy, and so we'll go and be happy about it.

Then there was a family thing that came up and Merle left town, and Jake was playing and then taking off. So Rebecca and I went for the purpose of supporting Jake and with every intention of leaving ASAP if it was really loud or really bad.

We were ushered to a nice table at the perfect angle to see the band close, and see Jake on drums. But Jake wasn't on drums, it was just three folk singers with guitars.

Well, turns out that Jake joined the previously existing Relative Strangers, an incredible group of singer-songwriters, and would join them for the second set.

Besides the fact that The Iron Horse always provides a good margarita, I was immediately made comfortable. And they felt familiar.

Steve wore a tee shirt that said, "Ask me about the Downing Street Memo," Rose had the cutest smile and an I'm sweet and nice if you don't cross my friends look about her, and Clayton was good to look at. (I know, I know, I'm a lesbian, but still, he had that cute sincere Linus look). In addition, they sounded great! Incredible in fact! The kind of harmonies I expect out of family groups.

Then Jake joined them, as did an electric guitar player (whose name I apparently didn't bother to note). That set was more rockin', in that folk-rock, southern-rock kind of way, Jake really is a good drummer. I became the lady in every audience that shushhes loud-talkers, and I found myself wishing I knew the adorable little girl who was dancing so I could join in. She had big brown I've had a great life so far, I'm safe and loved and well cared for eyes that I haven't been seeing on the TV lately, and it was healing to watch her laugh and dance and hug her family and friends.

In the midst of the trauma and drama in the world, dying uncles and critically ill children, friends being dumped sans warning, and a government that couldn't get it's act together to secure our damn "homeland"... this was a wonderful way to spend an evening. It was healing, fun, and great. Just political enough. Just funny enough. and really happy.

Ckeck them out, and if you live in New England, look for them. If you live somewhere else, form a production company and bring them to town.

As for me and Rebecca, I think we'll be their new Mom Groupies. (although technically, I would guess that Steve's about the same age as we are...)

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