Monday, September 12, 2005

Gwen's having a hard day

Kim said last night:
Three steps forward and two steps back. Gwen is still breathing well on her own. Sadly, her bilirubin and other liver numbers are very, very high and now she has a new situation- very high blood pressure. It's been creeping up for the past few weeks but reached a point of having to be treated today. She is now on a blood pressure med that we hope will help. Yet another new learning for us.

Our hearts are tired today. It's been such a long haul and we just need so desperately to go home. They are continuing to wean Gwen's pain medications. She cannot go home on any continuaoud drips so it's very important to see if she can do well without them. On the other hand, she has been on them for so long that it will have to be very slow and steady to avoid more problems from withdrawl.

Wishing for better news. Keep her in your hearts,

Pray for this dear little girl, her family, and her big sister Abby.

Yea, i mean pray. Sometimes philosophical discussions about positive thinking vs. prayer vs. having a good thought vs. meditating upon health are fun.

Right now I'm comfortable with the shorthand.


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