Sunday, September 11, 2005

Update on Gwen

I also see from my stat counter that people are searching for info on Gwen and linking here.

She had another surgery last week, this time to remove fluid that was around her liver (in case you missed it, 3 weeks ago her gall bladder was removed.) She had some very critical days, which is funny to say, because she's been in the peds ICU for over a month, which is kinda critical...

She was kept sedated and intubated for two days, then yesterday the tube was removed

Kim says
THE TUBE IS OUT!!!! Gwen did great last night- temps normal, heart rate lower than we have seen in a month, and sleeping comfortably. So today they weaned down her vent and out came the tube just a few hours later. She's not even needing extra oxygen!

Her blood stuff seems to have settled down- no more transfusions for the moment. We are just hanging in there today. Watching how she does and beginning the very long process of weaning down her sedation and pain medications.


She is sitting up in bed, having a bit of a bath and bossing everyone around about what ponytail holders she wants.

Joy and happiness, a better day!

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